Why are the tips of our ornamental onions turning yellow?

Q: Why are the tips of our ‘walking onions’ and our ornamental large alliums turning yellow? Without additional information I am...

Hoop Houses: Grow Vegetables in any Type of Weather

Help your veggies grow with a hoop house!

Irrigated lawn with fungus problem

Q: We live in Princeton B.C. and have had a lot of rain and cooler temperatures this summer. We do...

Will lime help with moss and sour ground?

Q: Will spreading lime on my lawn help with moss and sour ground (acid)? Here, on the West Coast where rain...

Japanese beetles have infested my garden

Q: Japanese beetles have infested my garden this July. They eat all my roses and I’ve had very little success...

Aphids after my 'Purple Emperor’

Q: I have two sedums in close proximity: one is called ‘Autumn Joy’, the other is called ‘Purple Emperor’. Only...

Blueberry bushes refuse to produce berries

Q: I have two blueberry bushes that were planted approximately five years ago. They were planted 5 feet apart.

An insect infestation

Q: For 3 years, we have had an infestation of cutworm on our "Purple Majesty”, but not on any of...

Mike Holmes Makes it Right with Home Renos

Contractor, author and TV personality, Mike Holmes doesn’t pull any punches when talking about renovating right 

Go Old-school in the Kitchen with Vintage Baking Accessories

Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man, bake something vintage as fast as you can!

Signs of Gardens and Neighbours

How eclectic signs in the garden bring together a neighbourhood, sort of.

Hot New Paint Palette Trends for Your Home

Colour your home with leafy greens, icy greys and juicy citruses

The garden stars of a dreary June

A grey June couldn't keep this garden down.

Tree roots taking over front lawn

Q: Hello from the Kootenay's! I have a huge blue spruce tree (50-60 feet tall) in my front yard and...

Dogwood tree showing symptoms - but what's the cause?

Q: I live in Ladysmith B.C. In spring/early summer, my dogwood tree, which is situated in an open area, facing...

Prevent cantaloupe from splitting

Q: I have planted cantaloupe. They have reached golf ball sizes – the problem is that they are splitting. Help! Split...

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