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Are Helmond Pillar Barberry bushes available in Canada?

Q: I’d like to know if the Helmond Pillar Barberry bush is available in Canada. I live in Calgary, Alberta.

Planting hydrangeas in northern climates

Q: I live in Prince George, B.C. and I’ve recently acquired a beautiful hydrangea that needs to be planted.

What's Hot in Home Decor: Tall Lamps, Short Vacuums and IKEA

The hottest items for your home include an ultra-compact vaccuum, a reptilian inspired lamp and seductive glass decanters

A cacti provides a short but magical surprise

A short, sweet and stunning surprise.

Hammer it Home at Auditions for Canada's Handyman Challenge

Now's your chance to audition for HGTV's Canada's Handyman Challenge, which holds auditions in Vancouver July 16...

Midsummer pruning

Prune those unruly summer trees

Loft Living: Redrawing a Crosstown Condo

A Vancouver graphic designer outfits his condo with an emphasis on the architectural angles of mid-century-modern furniture

Settling in despite a few shocks

My employment has come with accommodation – most jobs up here do as housing is expensive and limited. After...

Lavender Farms Across B.C.

Over 40 stunning photos from lavender farms across British Columbia

Avoid Over Packaged Products to Reduce Waste

Excess product packaging is a huge contributer to household waste and unfortunately, Canada is not taking enough action

A perennial English garden classic in New Zealand

New Zealand's Hamilton Botanical Garden

Natural pesticides and soil enrichment for amazing veggies

Q: Which flowers can I plant in my veggie garden that will act as a natural pesticide and what can...

How can I grow the best blueberries possible?

Q: I went from Victoria to Sydney to visit a nursery I heard sold great blueberry plants. I read somewhere...

Help - the weather is still too cold for my tomatoes!

Q: Good day. I live in the Fraser Valley, just outside of Chilliwack. I have one-foot-tall tomato plants growing in...

Does my Limber Pine Tree have Transplant Shock?

Q: I planted a beautiful full 5 ft. Limber Pine last May. Three months after planting, it started to...

Why are the tips of our ornamental onions turning yellow?

Q: Why are the tips of our ‘walking onions’ and our ornamental large alliums turning yellow? Without additional information I am...

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