If you were in the same boat as me on opening day of the new Star Trek movie (ironing my uniform, of course!), you probably came out of the movie wishing that there was more trek to be had. I, for one, was surprised that the local comic shops weren't making more of a big deal. I know at least one fan who hopped from store to store looking for a new pair of Spock ears to show her fandom, but no one seemed to have stocked anything interesting in time for the movie. 

Enter Second Level Wizards, the Vancouver event society who have already hosted a HP Lovecraft" event called Cthulhupalooza and a bi-monthly Saturday morning cartoon party at the Rio. Their events tend to be laid back, which makes it easy to make new friends with similar interests. I find that when I attend some of the more open-call events around Vancouver that I'm often hanging near a wall or sitting by myself. These events, however, are cheery and tend to attract a friendly, open-minded crowd. What would a nerd like me do without a group like them? 

So, I'm calling out to all my Star Trek fans: Shut off those DVDs and come join me at 10 a.m. this Saturday, May 16 at the Rio for KhanCon (Khaaaaaan!). Get your fan on by coming in costume, participating in the "CHORGH" mile (the Klingon Rap Battle) and expressing yourself in the Trek Poetry Slam to win great prizes from super local sponsors.

Since it's at the Rio, it's sure to attract all kinds of surprise local celebrities—so bring your camera. I did hear that Leonard Nemoy is in town shooting footage for the TV show Fringe, but I'm not that optimistic.  

There will be a screening of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan (Khaaaaaan!) at 2 p.m. And, if you’re not too tuckered out by 4 p.m., you can hang around and watch the new JJ Abrams flick (perhaps for the second time?). Tickets are available in advance at Elfsars, Rx Comics and The Rio or via Paypal at Secondlevelwizards.com for advanced online purchase.

I’ll be the one in the trill marking and full uniform. I’m going to need a lot of support if I'm going to get up the courage to go the Chorgh mile... Last time, I met up with four fellow Twitterers—so, tweeters, feel free to follow @kdot or @2LW for updates on the day. I hope to also do some live vlogging, so anyone who is still unsure will get a live feed treat! 

Remember, the Rio is located at the corner of Broadway and Commercial, so skip the car and hop on the Skytrain instead. This way, if you drink too much Romulan Ale, you'll still be able to get home in one piece.