This is the age of green branding and so we're furnishing you with a practical ‒ and, yes, somewhat artistic ‒ resource. Below, you can 1) browse our links to many of the organic producers and processors in Canada, and 2) compare the pastoral themes these organizations invoke. An exercise for your eye and your stomach.

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Kootenay Organic Growers Society: A black-and-white sketch of cabbage heads, an apple tree, and farmers' fields, with a mountain vista in the distance.

North Okanagan Organic Association: A stylized black plant ‒ it appears to be a cross between a tulip and a fleur-de-lis ‒ shown in profile, it's white roots extending into the black soil beneath it.

Saskatchewan Organic Certification Association: Red flowers in a circular field inscribed on an equilateral triangle.

Canadian Organic Crop Producers and Processors: A three-pronged leafy plant growing out of the association's initials, on a many-pointed circular red field.

Canadian Organic Growers: An elegant, vaguely corn-like green stalk, on a white field.

Organic Producers Association of Manitoba: A golden maple leaf inscribed on a circular blue field, behind the association's initials.

Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia: A green check-mark inside a gold box, on a white field.

Quebec Vrai: Black-and-write text, playing on the check-mark theme, on a circular green field.

Canada Food Inspection Agency: A red maple leaf rising or setting, as a sun, behind two rolling green hills.

Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association: White lines ‒ is it wheat? ‒ in a kelly-green rectangle inscribed on a moss-green field.

International Organic Crop Improvement Association: A shaft of dawn sunlight breaks across a farmer's field.


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