Not sure where you would travel to after winning the big jackpot? Take your cues from these eight celebs who share what their ultimate vacation experience would be

Have you ever dared to dream about all the amazing places you would travel to if you ever won the jackpot? Would you seek out adventure and go rafting and rock climbing in the Pyrenees, opt for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience in Kyoto and visit Zen temples and the iconic bamboo forest, or would you go island hopping all throughout Greece with friends and family? If you don’t know where to even start when it comes to planning your trip of a lifetime, we asked some our your favourite local faces where they would go, and they definitely dreamed big with their travel plans!


Nira Arora

Nira Arora, co-host, Jonny, Holly & Nira on 94.5 Virgin Radio

"I would travel first-class to Bora Resort in French Polynesia, hands down! I've been dreaming about those amazing rooms that are actually huts right on top of the ocean – there's glass flooring so you can see right into the water. The idea of being able to walk onto your patio and dive directly into the ocean is pure paradise. I'm a little obsessed with the ocean. Can you tell?"


Karen Khunkhun

Karen Khunkhun, Morning Show Host, The Jeff O’Neil Show on 99.3 The Fox

“My ultimate dream vacation would be to fill a plane with family and friends and head straight to Paris. We would recreate the pop-up apartment and stay inside the Eiffel Tower and take in all the amazing shows at Paris Fashion Week. From there, we would move on to Versailles where I would host a massive party for my loved ones. Then we would tour the champagne region and perhaps work on bottling our own champagne. After that it's on to the south of France to take in the beautiful beaches of St. Tropez. Dare to Dream!”


Jay DeMerit

Jay DeMerit, ambassador and former captain, Vancouver Whitecaps

“I think an amazing vacation would be to explore the land and the sea in a different way. I’d start by heading to the Copper Canyons in Mexico to go for a run with the Tarahumara tribe — famous for being able to run 100 miles in small sandals while hunting their prey by foot. Then we'd head south to the mountains of Chile to go for a ski in Portillo, a beautiful mountain top resort. Finally we'll head east and surf in South Africa — when I was there for the World Cup in 2010, I never got a chance to go to Cape Town on the coast and enjoy the beaches. Swimming with Great Whites would definitely test my comfort zones!”


Leah Alexandra

Leah Alexandra, Gemstone Jewellery Designer

"I’d gather my family, friends and staff and whisk them away to Mustique – a little island in the Grenadines. The Cotton House is a hotel I’ve always dreamed of visiting, so why not book the entire place? There would be chefs cooking delicious Caribbean food, rum punch flowing and live reggae and calypso music. On a typical day, you might find me collecting coconuts, exploring nearby islands by sailboat, riding horseback along white sand or laying in a hammock while pondering how to spend the rest of my winnings. To start, I would likely take some inspiration from the sea and get back to work by designing some new turquoise pieces!” 


Fred Lee

Fred Lee, Man About Town and regular contributor to The CBC, The Province and Vancouver Courier Newspaper

“I would love to experience the Antarctic, the southern most continent and site of the South Pole, a virtually uninhabited, fantastical ice-covered landmass. I think it would be spectacular to explore the archipelago of islands and channels that create Canada's high arctic region, and get up close with the remote region's inhabitants: narwhals, polar bears, beluga whales, penguins and other wildlife. Early hesitations would include the cold — I am definitely not a fan of frigid, life-zapping weather. But if money was no object, then obviously, this concern would be alleviated. So many luxury cruises and expeditions to choose from destined for the coolest place on earth (pun intended). The thought of a flight to the end of the world — then a sail off the edge of it — would ultimately be a trip of a lifetime!”


Shawn Hook

Shawn Hook, International Recording Artist

“If I won the lottery, I would take care of my family and donate a portion to organizations and charities I care about. With the leftover money, I would put it toward my trip of a lifetime – taking an air balloon to the edge of space. I've always been a fascinated by space and astronomy. For $90,000, a person can now purchase a one-time trip to the edge of space and see what only astronauts have been able to view.


Amy Kizaki and Joni Lind

Amy Kizaki and Joni Lind, Co-founder & COO/Co-founder & CEO, Kits Kitchen

Amy: “I’d take six months to vacation, experiencing thrill and adventure, immersing myself in local cultures and taking in out-of-this-world sights. We’d start in Hawaii to hike hills with breathtaking views, learn to surf and go skydiving. A quick detour south to Bolivia will take us to Salar de Uyuni, located in the Andes, the largest salt flat in the world that reflects the sky like glass. Then across the Pacific to home of Middle Earth (New Zealand!), where we’d stargaze, ski and visit farmers markets. After a round in South East Asia for food and culture, we’d stop in Thailand for a month to volunteer at an elephant conservation centre. Then off to one of the 1,190 islands with white sandy beaches that make up the Maldives!”

Joni: “Seeking utter relaxation and discovery, my ultimate travel excursion would begin in one of our last virtually untouched and uncivilized regions on Earth: Patagonia. Hiking through the north Argentinian territory along the Andes Range to see its volcanoes, vast grasslands and sub-polar forests, we would finish each day in our cozy lodge sipping some local juicy Malbec. A Jeep ride through the Patagonia valleys where turquois lakes are surrounded by snow-capped mountains, while breathing in some of the cleanest air, we would arrive in Chile for a mix of relaxing hot springs, refreshing glacier lakes and healing mud baths. After a few nights trekking around Easter Island to see the craters, cliff coastlines and 887 Moai (stone giants), we’d finish the trip by warming up on the beach of Buenos Aires for a little dancing and sun.”


So whether it’s living the life of luxury on the water in Bora Bora, travelling to the edge of outer space in a hot air balloon or experiencing once-in-a-lifetime moments with family and friends on an island in the Grenadines, these local celebs having their travel plans set in the hopes of one day hitting the big jackpot. So the big question is, where will your dream travel excursion take you?


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