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John Lee

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Travelling to Zurich, Switzerland

Go West to find the stylish side of Zurich, Switzerland's largest city.

Travelling to Galway, Ireland

Ah, the rain and cold of Western Ireland in December. Who's up for a beer?

Travelling to New Brunswick

I’m wilting in the blistering sun on a bather-packed beach in late spring in northeastern New Brunswick, trying to remain...

Travelling to Brighton, U.K.

I weave, crunching across the ankle-breaking beach.

Travelling to Lockhart, Texas

I’m wilting in the desiccating midday sun on a crowd-free sidewalk in small-town Texas, 35 kilometres south of the Austin...

Travelling to Busan, Korea

Hypnotically sliding past miles of squat, grey factory complexes and the kind of drab tumbleweed villages that wouldn’t know excitement...

Travelling light

Options for treading lightly as you draw up plans for your summer vacation.

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