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Lisa Manfield

Lisa Manfield is a writer, editor and content strategist. Formerly the editor of bcliving, she has also been managing editor at, marketing manager at, and contributing editor for a number of publications. She has developed print and online content, marketing collateral, and courseware for Canada Wide Media, UBC, CBC TV and the Knowledge Network. She also teaches Writing and Editing for the Web at SFU. Follow her on Twitter and Google+

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Drugstore shelves are lined with sunscreens that can actually do you more harm than good

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Food & Drink
Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps are light, refreshing and a perfect meal for a warm night

Food & Drink
Roasted Fish with Feta Crust

Make this recipe with halibut or any other chunky white fish

Food & Drink
Moroccan Chickpeas with Vegetables over Couscous

This chickpea dish is fast, healthy and exotically flavoured. Perfect for a weeknight dinner in a hurry

Buy art, not reproductions at The Cheaper Show No. 9

The Cheaper Show enables wider audiences to afford art from established stars and emerging new artists

Car-Free Day turns Vancouver streets into pedestrian parties

Pedestrians take back the streets on Car-Free Day Vancouver, June 20.

Food & Drink
Heaven in a Bowl: Yogurt, Fruit and Sunflower Seeds for Breakfast

We all know breakfast is too important to skip. Here's a go-to combo you'll want to eat every day...

6 Ways to be Adventurous Every Day

Need a little more sparkle in your life? Before throwing down your credit card, try these free and easy tips

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