Diane Selkirk

Diane Selkirk was looking for a way to combine her desire to avoid a real job with her interest in travel and the environment — leading her to write about her travels. She writes for publications including Travel + Leisure, Islands and Reader’s Digest about living sustainably on as little money as she can get away with.

Recent Posts

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6 Healthy Breads and One You Should Avoid

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Genetically Modified Foods You Should Avoid

Worried about "Frankenstein" foods? GMO-avoiders should be on the lookout for these perpetrators

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How Unhealthy is Store-bought Pasta Sauce?

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How to Choose Healthy Energy and Protein Bars

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Food & Drink
The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Offers Gluten-free Afternoon Tea

Head over to the iconic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for a delicious spot of afternoon tea and gluten-free treats

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6 Delicious Rice Alternatives

If you're looking to cut rice out of your diet, there are plenty of delicious and nutritious options available...

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Beware Arsenic in Your Rice

Recent reports show rice has an alarmingly high level of arsenic. Learn how this poison is contaminating the foods we...

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