Janet Gyenes

Janet Gyenes is writer, editor, and co-author of two travel guidebooks on Vancouver. She has put her insatiable curiosity to work in words and photos, covering topics such as tasting sherry in Spain, mule-riding in Molokai, and tracking textile trends in Turkey. She regularly writes for Real Weddings with advice, tips and trends for B.C. couples.

Recent Posts

Fresh: Recipes Stripped Down to Earth

When John Bishop celebrates organically grown, locally sourced produce and sustainable seafood and meats, he does it in the way...

Food & Drink
B.C. Wines: From Earth to Press

According to the B.C. Wine Institute, three per cent of B.C. wine grapes are officially organically grown.

Shopping & Style
Redesigned Vintage Clothing: Feel the love, again

They say that love is better the second time around, and when it comes to Preloved’s redesigned vintage clothing, we...

Shopping & Style
Ecofashion: Deconstruction, Reconstruction

Wearing one of her handmade wool sweaters, says ecofashion designer Michelle Bergeron-Mok of Mod to Modern, is like being wrapped...

Shopping & Style
Vancouver Ecofashion: Leather luxe redux

Dad's old leather jacket become daughter's hot new bag under Ashley Watson's sure-scissored, luxe and redux command.

Shopping & Style
Sans Soucie: From Hose to Haute

Though her cutting-edge collection, Sans Soucie, translates to “without a care,” it’s clear that such nonchalance doesn’t apply to the...

Design for the times

“Good design endures the whims of fashion,” says Shamina Senaratne.

Sustainable use of industrial leftovers

Say goodbye to the days of “disposability with deniability” and welcome today’s times of “sustainability with accountability,” says Ross MacMillan,

Gifts from the forest

Seven years ago, when the B.C. Associations’ Co-operative of Small Wood Businesses (a.k.a. The Wood Co-op) opened its Granville Island...

Riding a ribbon of green along the Central Valley Greenway

Imagine pedaling in time to the chorus of songbirds, zipping past traffic and native shrubs and plants.

Food & Drink
Drinking for the environment

I just thought, what’s stopping me from setting it up in Vancouver?

Helen Goodland

Helen Goodland is surprised at how unsophisticated the average homebuyer is.

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