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Hi-tech meeting presentations

Setting up a meeting? Reach for the projector before hitting the copier...

Increase your green quotient

Don’t know LEED from LOHAS? Browse the online Dictionary of Sustainable Management.

The air we breathe

We all know there’s a direct link between the air we breath and our health, but until now we’ve had...

Reduce, reuse and recycle in the garden

Beyond composting, what can you do in the garden to recycle more? Here are some innovative suggestions on ways to...

Jump into the pool

Save money and enjoy a stress-free commute by riding in an eco-friendly carpool

Pick planet-friendly paper

There's no excuse: reach for 100 percent-recycled toilet paper!

DIY holiday decorations and gifts

Planning to go the homemade route this holiday season? Want to impress the heck out of all your friends and...

Drink fair-trade coffee

The Vancouver Fair Trade Coffee Network supports coffee suppliers who establish long-term relationships with bean producers and buy only from...

Stop the junk

Post a sign for your postal carrier to leave the junk out of your mailbox

Host a green event

Next time you host an event, rent plates or use recyclables instead of Styrofoam or plastic.

What's the solution to homelessness in Vancouver?

Four people confronting the on-the-ground reality of homelessness boil down the problem to its simplest solutions.

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Pass the potato ...fork

Are potato-based cutlery, corn fibre packaging, recycled to-go boxes legit alternatives?

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