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Davin Luke

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Timeraiser an auction for the 20-something set

A charity art auction for those poor on cash but rich in time and wallspace. Win tickets!

What you need to know to score a green job

Lessons on entering the green economy from UBC's Sauder School of Business.

Health & Fitness
The organic food hype

Organic, shmorshmanic, give me a break...

How to throw a memorable party

Davin Luke's not a student anymore but that doesn't mean he's forgotten how to party.

Online dating for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike

Learn from the master: Crafting the perfect online dating profile.

Shopping & Style
URB21: Safety considerations & the Johnny Depp cool test

Safety considerations and the Johnny Depp cool test of the URB21.

Paper cups are WACK

But how else can you “R-r-r-r-roll up to win”?

Public displays of transportation frustration

Three reasons why people haven’t ditched their cars for a greener future.

Modeling by example: The JK Models launch party

JK Models strut their stuff (and their substance) at agency launch party.

Food & Drink
Taste test: Organic vs non-organic cocktails at the Granville Room

Skeptical, Davin "Reality" Luke puts three organic cocktails to the test.

This one's for you, Earth!

This year, for Earth Day, I went out and threw down the dough on a brand new bike!

REALITY: Digging up some dirt

A peek inside Davin's garbage can reveals a host of bad habits.

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