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Shopping & Style
No trees were cut down in the making of this paper

The greenest, most eco-friendly paper available in Vancouver.

Safe, earth-friendly house paint

Protect yourself and the environment with low-VOC paints.

Shopping & Style
Motorolla’s new ‘green’ cell phone

A classic example of greenwashing.

Shopping & Style
Support local biz and save with the Green Zebra Guide

The Green Zebra Guide offers coupons for discounts on sustainable products.

Health & Fitness
You are what you eat

News flash: Organic IS worth the extra expense...

5 simple steps for a waste-free party

Up the party and cut the waste at your next fete.

Top places in Vancouver to meet eco-conscious men and women

On the prowl for bleeding-hearts? Where to meet foodie cuties, treehuggers and other like-minded potential dates.

URB21: Is it a bike or a car?

Could the URB21 ease (or intensify) the tensions between drivers and cyclists?

Danielle's pick: Best travel mug

If you carry a bag, make a habit of stowing this mug.

Ban the paper cup!

Hear ye, hear ye! Ban the paper cup...

Transit: to love it or hate it

Not dealing with traffic or parking offsets transit's smells and crowds.

Screw trees, give plants

Companies looking to green their image, take note.

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