Carmen Spagnola

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Make your own reuseable food wrap

A fun and easy way to cut back on plastic use

Button making at the Regional Assembly of Text on Main St

A fun, old school, kid-friendly creative activity that doesn't require cleanup.

Rest assured with natural-fibre pillows

Why sleep on a sweaty, toxic synthetic pillow for one more night?

Review'd: Natural latex pillows

Natural latex pillows last long, repel mites and offer a great sleep.

Review'd: Natural wool pillows

Natural wool pillows are temperature-regulating and dust mite resistant.

Review'd: Bamboo charcoal pillows

Bamboo charcoal pillows are said to reduce stress, but are they comfortable?

DIY Halloween costumes to be proud of

Admittedly uncrafty, single working mother Carmen Spagnola reclaims Halloween for her kids...

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