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Chasing Rambo in Hope, BC

Hope is a landmark location both for its natural beauty and iconic Hollywood scenery

Terry David Mulligan: And Then it Turned into A Book

Terry David Mulligan tackles his hardest job yet—writing a memoir.

The ethics of eating

Unless your banana is labelled as originating in Costa Rica, or your oranges are marked “product of Florida,” chasing the...

Lavender Farms Across B.C.

Over 40 stunning photos from lavender farms across British Columbia

Natural pesticides and soil enrichment for amazing veggies

Q: Which flowers can I plant in my veggie garden that will act as a natural pesticide and what can...

Food & Drink
170 Farmers’ Markets!

170 farm markets across British Columbia and Alberta to explore. Visit a farmers' market in your area and move towards...

Help, there's a gecko in my greenhouse!

Q: I have a gecko living in my greenhouse. I was wondering if it will eat my vegetables or will...

Lavender Farms to Visit in B.C. this Summer

Look for our gorgeous Summer issue of GardenWise magazine celebrating this incredible herb, and for those of living in B.C.

Nutri-Lawn takes “re:nourish” to a new level to create positive change in the world

Canadian lawn care company Nutri-Lawn really knows what it means to nourish. Their charitable effort "re:nourish" has taken them all...

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