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Organic Gardening from the North Shore

Park and Tilford Gardens, North Vancouver, B.C. The annual North Shore Natural Gardens Tour promotes the importance of good horticultural practices,

Wrap a Gift for a Gardener

The simplicity of the paper is emphasized by the raffia tie and a tiny terra cotta pot with a touch...

Forcing bulbs for a whenever bloom

For those who just can't wait for spring-flowering bulbs to show their colours, here's how to force bulbs to bloom...

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

In September, the garden - an ash dump in the late 1800s - is celebrating the 90th anniversary of its...

Hampton Court Palace Gardens

Anthony Boulder has a big backyard - trouble is, he has to share it with 500,000 people every year. The...

Hanging Baskets 101

  Certainly, having a profusion of blooms close to eye level helps, as does the spherical shape of the hanging garden,

Anatomy of a Hanging Basket

The following is a breakdown of the flowers that Claude used in his basket: 1. Verbena Tukana 'Salmon'...

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Hanging Basket

Make sure you gather all the plants you need for the basket before you begin. A common error is to...

Community Gardens: Patches of Heaven

Community gardens throughout the province provide urban dwellers with a chance to indulge their green thumbs.

Ice it, light it or hang it

Learn how to make an exquisite icy outdoor decoration that lasts several days if the weather is cold enough.

The Life of Brian

‘Baby Brian’ is used to special treatment – bright lights and regular drinks – so it came as no surprise...

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

One of the big-three garden shows in North America, this Seattle-based annual extravaganza is more than a plant showcase –...

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