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Health & Fitness
Foods to Get You on the Mend

For an extra boost to your immune system this cold season, try incorporating these superfoods into your regular diet

Health & Fitness
5 Apps for Your Mental Health

These on-the-go mental health apps may help Canadians when symptoms of their mental illness flare up

Health & Fitness
How to Recognize a Panic Attack

You’re sweating profusely, you can’t stop shaking, your heart is pounding and you feel an impending sense of doom—you might...

Health & Fitness
Is Hot Yoga Safe?

Experts weigh in on the safety and benefits of downward-dogging in a 40-degree room

Food & Drink
Recipe: Coconut Cream Overnight Oats and Lentils

Enjoy this novel way to eat lentils at breakfast. Fibre-rich and hearty to keep you fuelled through busy winter mornings

Health & Fitness
How to Use Your Commute for Me Time

If a long commute is part of your day, follow these tips to make the most of it

Health & Fitness
Is Cheese Good for Your Heart?

New research suggests that full-fat dairy foods may actually be OK for your heart

Health & Fitness
The Benefits of Fermented Foods

Do fermented foods really promote a healthy gut?

Food & Drink
Recipe: Spicy Kimchi Udon Soup

Warm up this winter with a spicy bowl of Korean noodle soup

Food & Drink
Recipe: Soft Oatmeal Cookies

Warm up your home with the comforting flavours of apples, oats and cinnamon

Health & Fitness
Is Perfectionism Affecting Your Well-being?

Where there’s perfectionism, there is almost always anxiety

Health & Fitness
What Do Cravings Really Mean?

Registered dietitian Kavanagh Danaher shares her top tips to deal with cravings

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