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Proven Winners' Monte Carlo Arrangement

For a summer container that can't miss, check out this arrangement that groups together bright, leafy foliage with stunning yellow...

Winter Garden Transformations

While many might think the frosts of cold season are a death knell for the garden, think again - winter...

Late Bloomers for a Bee-friendly Fall

Rich in pollen and stunning in appearance, these sun-loving flowers will give your garden the buzz it deserves

Container Gardening in the Fall

Not sure what to put in your garden containers now that the weather has cooled? We've got the answer...

Make the Most of Your Summer Garden

The summer garden affords you plenty of opportunity for creativity, and these crafty creations are are just the tip of...

6 Stunning Garden Borders

Six clever ideas that will help you frame your garden in memorable and imaginative ways

Transform Your Mid-sized Backyard into an Inviting Patio

Learn how Contour Landscape Installation & Design helped a Coquitlam couple turn their backyard into a place of beauty, using...

Showcase the Beauty of Each Plant with Container Gardening

Individually potted plants let you show off each plant's unique personality

Grow Ornamental Edibles in Your Garden with Boxwood Basil

Add flair to your garden (and meals) by growing this beautiful, bountiful herb

Add Dazzling Dahlias to Your Home Garden

It's not too late! Plant dahlia tubers this spring and come August your garden will be flush with these resplendent...

Spring Colour: Aubrietia, Candytuft and Basket-of-Gold

Dying to know the name of that vibrant spring flower? Let us give you a hand

Picking and Caring for Magnolias

Majestic magnolias are great garden plants, and if kept well, may last you for many years to come

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