Dr. Rhonda Low

Dr. Rhonda Low is a family physician and TV and radio health journalist in Vancouver.

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Health & Fitness
Everything You Need to Know About Hangovers

Dr. Rhonda Low separates hangover facts from fiction, and offers a few ways to ease the quease

Health & Fitness
Prostate Health: The Message Behind the Moustache

Movember isn’t all fun and grooming games. Dr. Rhonda Low gives the lowdown on prostate health

Health & Fitness
Get the Clear Picture on Mammograms

Health expert Dr. Rhonda Low clears up the confusion on when to get a mammogram

Health & Fitness
Safe Sun Tips and Sunscreen FAQs

Let’s pause from all the summer fun and get serious – sunburns are no joke

Health & Fitness
The Lowdown on Botox and Fillers

Pumped up about thoughts of a makeover this spring and considering cosmetic procedures? Here’s what you need to know before...

Health & Fitness
Sinfully Good: The Health Benefits of Chocolate, Sex and Wine

Fall head over heels in health with these three sexy indulgences

Health & Fitness
How to Do a Healthy Cleanse

Feel like you need to detox? Check out these tips to jump-start your health 

Health & Fitness
Natural Remedies to Fight Cold and Flu Season

Dr. Rhonda Low offers natural strategies to survive cold and flu season

Health & Fitness
Toxins in House Dust Put Kids at Risk

Protecting your children from exposure to a world of toxic substances 
begins in your own home

Health & Fitness
Protect Yourself from Mosquito Bites

Avoid getting bitten and reduce your chances of getting West Nile Virus

Let a Hammock Rock You to Your Best Sleep

A new study suggests the rocking motion of a hammock could help you have a deeper, more restful sleep

Health & Fitness
The Dirty Dozen: Fruits and Vegetables Most Likely to be Covered in Pesticides

90 per cent of the produce on this list could cause health problems

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