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BC Blueberry Council

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Food & Drink
Blueberry Orange Spice Pancakes Recipe

Celebrate Pancake Day on Tuesday, January 28th with these citrus-infused flapjacks

Food & Drink
Back-to-school Blueberry Banana Bread Recipe

Did you know that a handful of blueberries can improve memory and overall brain function? Kick off the school year...

Food & Drink
Blueberry White Wine Sangria Recipe

Kick off patio season with this fresh and fruity sangria

Food & Drink
B.C. Blueberry Bacon Bread Pudding Recipe

A distinctly Canadian trio of blueberries, bacon and maple syrup star in this sumptuous brunch recipe

Food & Drink
8 Delicious B.C. Blueberry Recipes

'Tis the season to celebrate B.C.'s beautiful blueberries. Kick back on the patio and enjoy a boozy blueberry margarita, fire...

Food & Drink
Pork Spring Rolls with Blueberry Sauce

Serve these easy baked spring rolls in a delicious homemade blueberry dipping sauce

Food & Drink
Classic Blueberry Lemon Loaf

Create a fresh flavour mix by adding blueberries to your lemon cake

Food & Drink
Sesame Crusted Tuna with Blueberry Ponzu Vinaigrette

Give your tuna a burst of fruity flavour with this blueberry vinaigrette and salsa

Food & Drink
Blueberry Bacon Bread Pudding

Blueberries and bacon join forces to give this unconventional bread pudding a fruity and slightly salty kick

Food & Drink
Recipe: Frozen Blueberry Lime Squares

These creamy blueberry and lime squares keep well in the freezer for a cool after-dinner treat

Food & Drink
Recipe: Blueberry Chocolate Mousse Cups

Stir some fresh blueberries into this creamy chocolate mousse for a burst of fruity flavour

Food & Drink
Recipe: Blueberry Mojito

This traditional Cuban cocktail is given a West Coast twist with the addition of sweet blueberries

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