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Heuchera Marmalade's Bright Foliage

Look no further than heuchera 'Marmalade' for foliage that brightens your garden year-round

Natural Mosquito Repellants

Stop pesky mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor fun with these natural deterrents

How to Grow Kohlrabi and Give Yourself an Antioxidant Boost

Learn how to grow fresh kohlrabi and enjoy it on a veggie platter or mixed into a delicious lasagna

Eco Strategies For Soil Building and Pest Control

Some earth friendly ideas for your spring garden, including an alternative to peat moss and a rhubarb aphid-spray recipe

30,000 plants in the greenhouse and not a drop of water

No water and 30,000 plants calls for community action.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: An amazing gift from Tried & True

A perfect care package from Meadowlands

Sunshine 24/7 and what that means

24-hour daylight in Inuvik means huge insects and plants growing like mad.

Volunteering: Growing friendships and happiness

Volunteering in the garden will grow your circle of friends.

Settling in despite a few shocks

My employment has come with accommodation – most jobs up here do as housing is expensive and limited. After...

Driving over the sea

If you have seen the show Ice Road Trucking, you will appreciate this adventure. I drove the ice road to...

-29° Celsius and sunshine at midnight

Gardening is different in the arctic circle: a greenhouse with computerized alarms, venting and heated entirely by sunlight! Sheena Adams...

What to pack when you're travelling to the arctic

How do you pack for six months in the Arctic while restricted to two bags? Looking at my pile, I...

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