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Magical Maidenhair

Urban growth and the popularity of planting trees have led to the progressive shading of the settled landscape. In response,

Natural Choice with Native Plants

Going au naturel with a native plant

Tips on Soil Mixes for Containers

Learn about the two types of soil mixes for containers and their benefits to your container garden.

Tips on growing native plants

How-to instructions from Richard Hebda for growing native plants in a container, in full sun or shade.

Ornamental native onions

Flowering onions are making a comeback in the garden. From the stunning sky-blue of Allium caeruleum to the purple-violet of...


Falsebox is our province's only common native member of the staff-tree family (Celastraceae), which includes the American bittersweet (Celastrus scandens)...


Bitterroot grows from a gnarled reddish rootstock that has a somewhat woody crown. In the early spring and sometimes even...

Limber pine

Limber pine's gardening advantages begin with its growth form, because unlike our familiar evergreens it produces a stout, short trunk...

Pacific Crabapple

This delightful wild apple tree is a good bet for heavy fruit production in small-sized gardens.

Fool's Onion

I mulch mine in the winter with a thin layer of leaf mould or chipped garden debris. If necessary, corm...

Slender Toothwort

Slender toothwort is notably well mannered in the garden and mostly stays where it is put, a real plus for...

Scouring Rush

On the coast, scouring rushes are most evident in the winter when the deciduous leaves of surrounding plants have fallen.

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