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Spreading Phlox

Gardeners often use the tall garden phlox (Phlox paniculata) as a key species in perennial borders, but not as many...

Growing Cotton Grass

Grow this graceful perennial in your own backyard wetland or alongside a pond.

Mountain High

Wandering the starkly beautiful high alpine of British Columbia’s mountains, it is hard to believe that some of the tough...

Moss Campion

Here and there are spots of bright mountain harebell (Campanula lasiocarpa), a dash of yellow groundsel (Senecio) and splash of...

Common Rush

Common rush is an erect, tussock-forming perennial herb of the rush family (Juncaceae). Several to many green knitting needles stand...


Gracefully arching canes arise from a woody crown often buried in a moss mat. On dry sites the bushes reach...

Bitter Cherry

From the coast to the Rockies, this native cherry is a magnet for birds and a vision in the garden.

Wild About Native Blackberries

Trailing blackberries can be best described as living tripwires; that is, they are trailing woody vines to 6 m (20...

A Drift of Thrift

Near the beginning of the alphabet you will likely encounter a reliable and colourful native, the sea-pink, or thrift (Armeria...

The inconspicuous sweet gale

Happy in sun or shade, this shrub grows well in damp spots and its sweet-spicy leaves are surprisingly useful.

Pacific Willow

Handsome and fast-growing, willow can also restore damaged soil and fight back invasive weeds.


Mats of this low-growing perennial roll over the high mountain landscapes of British Columbia. Technically a sub-shrub, partridgefoot grows from...

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