Conway Lum

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Why Isn't My Honeysuckle Flowering?

Garden expert Conway Lum reveals the reasons why your honeysuckle isn't blooming

How to Prevent Leggy Seedlings

Give your shaggy seedlings a well-deserved trim and watch them flourish

Grow a Healthy Christmas Cactus

If you're looking to grow a Christmas cactus for the holidays, our expert Conway Lum tells you how to get...

Why Are There Spots on Your Spinach Leaves?

Dark spots on your spinach leaves probably indicate a problem with pesky spinach leafminers

What to Do When Your Strawberry Plant isn't Producing Fruit

If your strawberry plant isn't producing enough tasty berries, chances are you're overfeeding it

Dealing with Frost Crack in Your Trees

This disorder not only hurts the appearance of trees, but can also lead to wood decay down the road

Eliminating Moss from Your Periwinkle

Moss invading your periwinkle? Our expert tells you how to get rid of this pesky intruder

How to Save a Dying Rhododendron

Is your Rhododendron looking a little long in the tooth? Our expert tells you how to give it a new...

Caring for a mother-in-law's tongue plant

Problems with your Mother-in-law's Tongue plant? Conway Lum tells you what you might be doing wrong. 

Zeolite: What is it and How to Use it

Thinking about using zeolite as a soil amendment? Our expert gives you the lowdown on this mineral

Rose Replant Sickness

Looking to replant a rose bush, but scared off by gardeners who warn against the practice? Here's the truth about...

Grow a Naturally Thick, Green Lawn Without Any Weeds

Weed maintenance, deep watering and periodic aeration are the keys to a healthy looking lawn

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