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Leaf miners

Leaf miners overwinter in soil as grubs and emerge as flies during the growing season. There are multi-generations every year.

Rejuvenating Amaryllis blooms

What to do when a Christmas amaryllis gift no longer blooms.

Garden Pests

Have you ever come across leaves or stems with U-shaped or oblong chunks missing from their margins? This is damage...

Troubleshooting with Conway Lum

When purchased in its original container, rooting hormone has an indefinite shelf life, but one should take steps to protect...

Fall Troubleshooting

Gardening expert Conway Lum on fall lawn care and tent caterpillars in B.C.

Lawn Care: Green Strategies for Managing the European Chafer Beetle

European chafer (Rhizotrogus majalis) may be lurking in your lawn.

Tomato Tips

Gardeners generally associate any abnormal plant development with a plant disease. Some diseases are a result of an infectious organism,

Powdery Mildew

If you’ve recently noticed your rhododendron behaving oddly, it may be affected by powdery mildew. This fungal disease attacks broad-leaved...

Viburnum Leaf Beetle

Recently a distraught gardener approached me with leaf in hand from his well-established snowball bush – it was riddled with...

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