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How Can I Get My Mock Orange Plant to Flower?

Q: I planted a mock orange plant last summer in Logan Lake, B.C. (a zone 3 climate). There were no...

Why Are My Tomato Plant's Flowers Falling Off?

Q: Some of my tomato plant’s flowers are drying up and falling off. What’s up? Flower drop on tomatoes is usually...

My camellia plant is falling apart!

Q: I have a camellia plant in a container on my deck that is dropping all of its leaves. I've...

Tough-skinned zucchini?

Q: The zucchini in our garden ends up with very tough skin, and it doesn’t matter if it’s young or...

What's Eating my Clematis Leaves on My 6th Floor Deck?

Q: I have a clematis growing on my 6th floor deck. Something is eating the leaves, but I do not...

Aphids on cedar trees

Q: I have cedar trees in my yard, which are browning and loosing foliage. There are ladybugs in various stages...

Troubles with my viburnum davidii

Q: My Viburnum is developing brown edges on the leaves. Additionally, some of the smaller stems are turning brown and...

Are my Jade plants diseased?

Q: I have two jade plants, both with the same problem. The leaves at the bottom of the stem turn...

Blooming problems with a Mock Orange shrub

Q: I have a snowbelle mock orange that is two- years-old and it has never bloomed. What can...

How can I eliminate white mildew on Coreopsis leaves?

Q: For the past two years, my tall yellow leafed coreopsis has been growing fine to just about to mature...

Yuck, there are mushrooms growing on my lawn!

Q: How do I get rid of this fungus? Mushrooms growing in the lawn can be very common, especially if the...

Zucchini plants with blooms but no fruit!

Q: I have planted several zucchini plants. They grew to a nice size and have the prettiest blooms, but no...

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