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Dead honeysuckle flowers

Q: My honeysuckle is about 3-years-old. It bloomed just fine for the first 2 years. This year, however, it bloomed...

Does my Limber Pine Tree have Transplant Shock?

Q: I planted a beautiful full 5 ft. Limber Pine last May. Three months after planting, it started to...

Why are the tips of our ornamental onions turning yellow?

Q: Why are the tips of our ‘walking onions’ and our ornamental large alliums turning yellow? Without additional information I am...

Irrigated lawn with fungus problem

Q: We live in Princeton B.C. and have had a lot of rain and cooler temperatures this summer. We do...

Will lime help with moss and sour ground?

Q: Will spreading lime on my lawn help with moss and sour ground (acid)? Here, on the West Coast where rain...

Japanese beetles have infested my garden

Q: Japanese beetles have infested my garden this July. They eat all my roses and I’ve had very little success...

Aphids after my 'Purple Emperor’

Q: I have two sedums in close proximity: one is called ‘Autumn Joy’, the other is called ‘Purple Emperor’. Only...

Blueberry bushes refuse to produce berries

Q: I have two blueberry bushes that were planted approximately five years ago. They were planted 5 feet apart.

An insect infestation

Q: For 3 years, we have had an infestation of cutworm on our "Purple Majesty”, but not on any of...

Tree roots taking over front lawn

Q: Hello from the Kootenay's! I have a huge blue spruce tree (50-60 feet tall) in my front yard and...

Dogwood tree showing symptoms - but what's the cause?

Q: I live in Ladysmith B.C. In spring/early summer, my dogwood tree, which is situated in an open area, facing...

Prevent cantaloupe from splitting

Q: I have planted cantaloupe. They have reached golf ball sizes – the problem is that they are splitting. Help! Split...

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