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Layer shrubs

A good method for increasing shrub quantities is by layering. Layering is when young branches lay down roots when in...

Root cuttings and offshoots

Some plants are capable of producing new plants by root cuttings or from offshoots. Comptonia peregrina (pictured), Romneya coulteri, Papaver...

Dividing Iris

Whether you are trying to increase their quantity or improve their general health, irises benefit from consistent divisions every few...

Canna Lily Picks

• ‘Bengal Tiger’ (syn. ‘Pretoria’) Striking gold and green striped leaves with orange flowers. Can be grown in shallow, warmish...

Bold and Beautiful

Looking for a touch of the tropics in your home garden? Plant a canna lily – its lush foliage and...

The zero-budget garden

9 easy steps to save money by propagating your own plants.

Great Growing Pumpkin Varieties

Here’s a list of 10 great pumpkin varieties for good growing and autumn enjoyment. Big Moon – a large, sprawling...

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