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White magic

While no garden could be complete without several clumps of undemanding snowdrops, other white flowering bulbs are also well worth...

Forever Green

Whether we meticulously plan pleasing colour compositions or haphazardly combine the plants we like, the predominant colour in our garden...

The “Other” Marigold

The common name “marigold” may cause some confusion. The original wild pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) is a native of...

Marigold Magic

The early Christians dedicated the marigold to the Virgin Mary. On her bodice the golden flower shone to remind churchgoers...

Daffodil Dos & Don’ts

Ingeborg van Driel on the dos and don'ts of daffodils. 

Pink Daffodils

Completely pink daffodils, similar to the well-known completely yellow and white daffodils, are not available yet. Present-day pink daffodils mostly show...

In Search of the Yellow Rose

Rosa rugosa is a gift from horticultural heaven, particularly if you prefer sitting back and smelling the roses over preventing...

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