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Linda Gilkeson

Recent Posts

Maggots have infested my sugar snap peas!

Q: My crop of sugar snap peas has become infested with small black and white headed larvae. Would you please...

Mealy Plum Aphids

Q: I have what looks like either aphids or tiny white flies on my prune plum there are hornets all...

How to Attract Parasitic Wasps

Parasitic wasps search diligently, leaf by leaf, for cabbage loopers, cabbage worms, tent caterpillars and other hosts in which to...

Bugs in the garden

Q: What are "wood bugs"? Is that their correct name? Are they good for the garden or bad?

Loving those voracious lacewings

As it flutters delicately through the evening on filmy wings, the adult lacewing certainly lives up to its name. Juvenile...

Mystery Lady: Immature ladybugs

Believe it or not, those spiny, alligator-like insects are immature lady beetle.

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