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Own-rooting roses

Q: I have two long-stemmed roses from my mother. Is it possible to root a rose from a stem? Greenhouse roses,

How to winterize container roses

Q: I am in zone 7. For the first time I have roses in large plastic containers—"Just Joey" and "Moondance."...

How to prune an ancient rose bush

Q: We have a lovely rose bush. We prune it usually in late spring / early summer but not all...

The best time to move roses

Q: When is a good time to move roses? Is November too late? Moving roses is always best done during the...

How to prune roses?

Q: I have three different types of roses - all new to me this year - and would like some...

Replace Roses with New Roses

Q: I recently moved to Victoria to a house with a wonderful garden. We have a large rose garden...

Royal City Rose Honours New Westminster's 150th Birthday

A superstar rose, named in honour of New Westminster's 150th birthday.

How to winterize Morden roses

Q: How should I winterize Morden roses? Winterizing roses all depends on the climate you live in. Morden roses are...

Recommended hybrid rose

Q: Last September, my dog passed away, and I wanted to plant a rose bush in memorial for him with...

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