Jessica Hardy

Jessica Hardy is Vancouver-based food blogger and writer. You can find her work on her blog, Crass Cuisine and on Vancouver Slop. She holds a BFA from the University of British Columbia and is lucky enough to call the West End her home. When not writing or cooking, she can be seen lurking around Vancouver in search of the freshest produce, seafood and dining companions.

Recent Posts

Food & Drink
Escape Winter at The Shameful Tiki Room

Have some grog and escape into a tropical paradise at The Shameful Tiki Room

Food & Drink
Beaucoup Bakery Launches Exquisite Spring Treats

Inspired by Parisian runways, Beaucoup Bakery's designer desserts will outfit your tastebuds in true French fashion

Health & Fitness
Cooking with Celebrity Chefs at the Arts Club

Learn to cook four-course gourmet feasts like a pro with the guidance of master chefs

Food & Drink
Oysters at Oyster

Aw, shucks! These briny beauties are a delish delicacy straight or with a chaser. Try 'em raw, poached, grilled, pan...

Food & Drink
Szechuan Chongqing Teams with Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise

Szechuan Chongqing becomes Vancouver's first Chinese Restaurant to embrace Ocean Wise, and the results are as delectable (and ethical) as...

Food & Drink
Holiday Afternoon Tea at the Wedgewood Hotel

This Christmas season, enjoy a cup of tea and nibble on a treat at the Wedgewood Hotel and Spa

Food & Drink
Southern Comfort: Peckinpah Knocks Barbecue out of the Park

This Gastown meat-pleasing eatery will make smoked barbeque a must-have stable in your winter diet

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