Vancouver graphic designer gives the traditional handkerchief a modern look

If spring weddings and winter colds are making you a bit weepy or sneezy, you can reach for a stylish and sustainable alternative to that disposable tissue wadded up in the bottom of your purse or pocket.

Graphic designer Regula Appenzeller realized that the once-ever-present square of cotton had disappeared into obscurity, so she and husband Chris Laird launched Hank&Cheef, hoping people would turn their noses up at wasteful tissues.

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Appenzeller’s answer to the old-man hanky is an cool organic cotton one that’s handmade, sewn and designed right here in Vancouver and decked with her own graphics.

“I totally use them for all those mundane tasks like tears and the runny nose you get when it’s cold out,” says Appenzeller, who—ahem—advocates using tissue made from recycled paper for those heavy-duty colds.

Men, take note: when the sun is shining down on that freshly buzzed head, dry those beads of sweat with a Hank&Cheef patterned with geometric graphics. And when your gal pal gets a bit teary-eyed, grab that handy hanky and show off your chivalry and sustainable smarts.