Credit: Angelika Brunner

When the urban jungle starts closing in, Nektar’s new nature-meets-pop-art collection of sustainable dresses serves as a reminder of what lies beyond the skyscrapers and gridlock.
The innovative stitching on Nektar’s organic soy and cotton jersey blend of mini dresses mimics the undulating curves of rivers and peaks of mountains, and the sophisticated designs flatter the female form.

“I’ve developed a distinctive style for Nektar that is based on gracefully curved seams,” says Nektar designer Catherine Gaudrealt. “It’s what ties the whole collection together, no matter the season.”

Earthy hues of grey, brown, blue and green pay homage to nature. There aren’t any monotonous landscapes in these designs, just plunging front-and-back V-necks, the asymmetrical waves of hemlines and tone-on-tone shades of green that echo the dark intensity of a forest.

Nektar is available at Hemp & Company in Victoria and Nelson.