Credit: notankers.ca

This March 24 has been declared No Tankers Day, by leading Canadian environmental groups.

The groups are calling on Canadians to dress up their loonies in No Tankers decals and spend them at shops or deposit rolls of them in the bank. The groups are also asking people to sign a petition at notankers.ca.

The decaling and petitioning are in effort to protect the B.C.’s waterways from oil spills.

Most Canadians are unaware of energy transporter Enbridge Inc’s proposed plan that would have tar sands crude oil shipped to Asia via supertankers on B.C.'s coast. The proposal is currently seeking regulatory approval.

The project is opposed by environmental and citizen groups concerned with the threat of oil spills and the expansion of the Alberta tar sands.

"As the US puts pressure on Canada to clean up its act, tar sands producers are looking to ship its dirty oil out the back door to Asia," said Nikki Skuce, Campaigner for Forest Ethics.

According to the Dogwood Initiative, an oil spill like the Exxon Valdez spill of 1989, could be a very real threat.

To order the decals or sign the petition, go here.