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Is the issue of food security a whole lot of ado about nothing or an important topic of discussion about Vancouver's local food systems?

Magazine editor David Jordan's provocative editorial in the Spring 2009 issue of Granville elicited several passionate responses from our readers, particularly on the subject of food security—an issue that is increasingly hitting close to home, with food recalls due to contamination becoming ever more frequent and availability of local produce ever more scarce in the big chain stores.

If this is an issue you care about, either because you agree with David's assessment that the issue of food security is a whole lot of ado about nothing or because you are a strident supporter of local food systems—or even because you just have a question—we encourage your comments.

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[Update: 23 Mar 2011 Read David's follow up post: Food Security, Pt 2: Fuzzy definitions get in the way of real solutions]