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Earth Hour, if you haven’t yet heard, is coming to Vancouver. At 8 p.m. on March 29th, here, and in a total of 24 cities around the globe, people are powering down and spending an hour in the dark and quiet, without their TVs, radios, lights, and computers.

The international event, started 11 years ago by the Sydney chapter of the World Wildlife Fund, bills itself as “a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced.” They mean global warming.

I heard a debate about Earth Hour on CBC Radio a few weeks ago, and Vancouver opinion seemed split into three equal camps: 1) those that think it’s a trifling gesture, a stunt; 2) those that think it’s pathetically small, given the environmental straits we’re in; and 3) those that think it’s useful if it pushes us to consider the broader impact of our daily power consumption.

However you look it, there isn’t much doubt that has one of the Internet’s creepiest background Flash animations: human names—recent Earth Hour registrants, presumably—raining down, slow-motion, on a darkened earth.

Two questions:
1) Are you taking part in Earth Hour?

2) To which camp do you belong—the Deniers, the Not Enoughers, or the Not A Bad Starters?