Credit: Janis Nicolay

 An easy way to add a veggie dish to any meal!

Serve hot off the grill or chilled. This is the best way to enjoy those fresh peppers and bunches of basil from the garden. • 1/2 cup (125 mL) olive oil • 6 crushed sweet basil leaves • 1 sprig fresh thyme • 6 sweet red peppers, halved, rinsed and seeded Combine the oil, basil and thyme in a bowl. Toss the pepper halves in the oil mixture until coated. Let sit for 1/2 hour. Heat barbecue to high and place marinated peppers skin side down on the grill. Cook for 3 minutes. Turn over and continue to cook on the other side. Grill until the peppers are soft. Remove the skins when peppers are cool enough to handle.