Credit: Ed Tchoi

A sleek Euro-style rickshaw is set to take Vancouverites for a ride.

Entrepreneurs Ed Tchoi and Will Ali have imported an electric-motor-assisted pedicab from Berlin to provide an enviro- friendly transportation alternative in the downtown core.

“We want to give business people going for lunch, people out for a night on the town, shoppers – anyone, really – a quick, easy way to get around for short trips – four to 10 blocks,” explains Tchoi. “It’s a lot faster than walking, and if traffic is bad, it can be faster than a taxi because it can scoot along bike lanes.”

You’re most likely to be able to spot (and hail) the pedicab in Gastown or on Robson Street during the day, or along the Granville strip evenings. Individuals can’t book the cab ahead
of time, although it is available for special events.

The company name, BodaTaxi, originates with Kenyan bicycle taxis that offered lifts to the border; owners would advertise services by calling “Boda, boda” (“Border, border”). While Vancouver’s BodaTaxis won’t take you all the way to Blaine, Tchoi and Ali hope to eventually have a fleet of 10 pedicabs servicing the downtown daytime and evenings.

Bonus: fares are “pay what you please,” as BodaTaxi gets Vancouverites warmed up to the concept (most of the business’s revenue comes from the advertising on the cab exterior).
Ride on!