Credit: Hilary Henegar

GardenWise contributor and gardening consultant Sharon Hanna shows our digital editor the way forward in her new garden

It was with a big sigh of relief that I greeted GardenWise contributor and HotBeds gardening consultant Sharon Hanna at the gate to my garden. She knew I was feeling overwhelmed by my new gardening space, which is much larger than last year's balcony garden at the old apartment, and was there to offer her expertise.

Having grown up in a family of gardeners, I took for granted the heavy knowledge base of my mother, her sisters and my grandparents, and as a result never really paid attention to a garden's cycle from planting season to harvest back to planting again. Now, living many thousands of miles from the gardeners who might pass on their lessons from dozens of years of experience, going it alone, with only my books and GardenWise magazine to guide me, it feels a bit scary to commit this plant there, and that plant over there, if you know what I mean.

What if I do it wrong? What if, like last year, I kill all my seedlings again?

Sharon's advice quelled these noisy fears, saying simply, "Keep it simple." Read her advice on GardenWise's sister site Granville magazine for how to "keep it simple."