Cut Through the Dining Doldrums
FREE | 20 Recipes for Simple Dining Book

Eating simple, healthy meals doesn't have to be boring. No more plain baked chicken and plain salad.

Shopping & Style

What has your closet done for you lately?

Clear out your closet and make some cash with Front & Company.

Musings on the handkerchief

Resurrecting a former fashion staple, the handkerchief.

Street style
URB21: Safety considerations & the Johnny Depp cool test

Safety considerations and the Johnny Depp cool test of the URB21.

Be salon savvy

Get the best colour and the cleanest lungs from your salon.

Vancouver hair salons go green

Local hair salons banish noxious chemicals from their repertoires.

Curbing that consumption craving

Report shows green intentions do not always line up with green purchases.

You are what you ride

What does your bike say about you?

EcoFashion on Granville Online

Our full coverage of Vancouver designers, boutiques, trends, ideas and more for sustainable style. Granville is a proud media sponsor...

WEAR: Soy for Your Skin?

Natural, soy-based sun-care products

Simply sustainable Simple shoes

Tread lightly on the planet with sustainable footwear from Simple Shoes.

Nixxi's curve-flattering organic threads

When self-taught designer Jada-lee Watson...

Is sustainable shopping an oxymoron?

Vancouver's green leaders weigh in: Is sustainable shopping an oxymoron?

EcoFashion Challenge: Spring 2009

Our team puts an eco-spin on couture heavyweight Oscar de la Renta.

Hemp versus cotton

In search of the most sustainable fabrics, we pit cotton against hemp.

A tour of Steveston with Auntie Em

Creativity, community and commitment to sustainability thrive in the heart of Steveston.

Off With Our Shoes: Pedicures without hazards

Safe pedicure products that won't harm the environment or your health.

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