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Shopping & Style

Street style
Hard times at General Motors

These days, a dire breeze for General Motors is picking up.

Are ecosexuals hot?

An ecosexual, according to Miro Cernetig in Monday's Vancouver Sun, is a man in whom "that great GQ grooming" is...

Detox your locks

Can’t resist boosting the colour of your lackluster locks?

Devoted to the planet

Here's what to do to recalibrate your moral compass.

Connecting the dots with Dotted Loop jewelry

Vintage hardware is reborn as trendy bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Free As a Bird

Eco-ethics and purses: a perfect match!

Eco-chic m boutique

Find stylish, sustainably designed home furnishings at the tres eco-chic m boutique.

Put on a greener face

Can’t bear a day with a bare face? Now you can take advantage of MAC Cosmetics’ Back to MAC recycling...

Go naked

When possible, choose products without packaging. Lush’s fresh, hand-made soaps, shampoos, bath bombs and more come au natural so there’s nothing...

Bring it back

Did you know that Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) has a program to recycle its polyester-based clothing? Take your clean, worn-out polyester...

Share the wealth

Donate your old, unused suits to a worthy cause, such as Dress for Success Vancouver.

Dress local

A new generation of fashion designers opt for sustainables.

Can we buy our way to a more sustainable world?

Is it just me, or are brand names for eco-this and enviro-that becoming as tiresome as sardining one’s self into...

Spinning full circle

High-tech gear guru seeks to reform garment industry.

From hemp to hip with HTnaturals

Eco-friendly garment company leaves hippie days behind in favour of fashion-forward clothing.

One person's trash, another's tote bag

Transforming juice boxes and aluminum cans into stylish and functional bags.

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