Transition Your Skincare From Summer to Autumn

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, it's important to update your skincare routine to reflect the change of seasons

Naz Shahbazi, spa director of North Vancouver’s dental and aesthetic clinic, Theory + EssenceWe’ve got eight expert tips to create the perfect fall beauty routine

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, it’s important to update your skincare to reflect the change of seasons. Fall is the perfect time to counter all the damage done to our skin during the sunny months of summer. Hot humid weather causes breakouts, and the upcoming dry, cold winter strips the skin of its oils. People tend to forget that the shoulder seasons are just as important when it comes to taking care of your skin, and increasing hydration and nourishment will restore the complexion and prepare you for the colder months ahead.

Naz Shahbazi (pictured above), spa director of North Vancouver’s dental and aesthetic clinic Theory + Essence, shares tips on fine-tuning our skincare game this autumn…

1. Use a gentle cleansergentle skin cleansers

It’s important to always use a gentle cleanser during transitional months so you won’t strip away your skin’s natural oils and harm the skin barrier. I love Biologique Recherche’s Lait VIP O2. This milky cleanser repairs, soothes and brightens the skin without drying it out. I follow up with a second cleanse and for that I love Auteur’s Definitive Enzyme Cleanser to unclog pores caused by the summer heat. This enzyme cleanser goes beautifully with a Biologique routine and will visibly brighten the skin and works to lighten hyperpigmentation, which we usually get by the end of summer due to sun exposure.

2. ExfoliateLotion P50

Exfoliating is very important all year long, but it is crucial during the autumn when the skin is prone to sun damage and dryness. Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 (a cult favourite of beauty editors) is a vitamin-enriched exfoliant that gently purifies, magnifies, moisturizes and rebalances the PH of your skin, leaving you with fresh-looking skin.

3. Mask upMask

I love Masque Visolastine+ from Biologique Recherche for this season because it is rich in hydration and lipids. It’s common to have a damaged skin barrier by the end of summer. To support and repair the skin barrier, Masque Visolastine+ is just perfect.

4. HydrateIntense hydration skin care product

I recommend a combination of quintessential serums for this season. Biologique Recherche’s Sérum Colostrum VG for intense hydration; Sérum A-Glyca to reverse the damage created by all the extra wine-sipping during summer months; and Sérum Elastine, which has a low molecular hyaluronic acid and is great for the extra hydration we need during fall and winter.

5. Repair your skin barrierSérum 3R

Sérum 3R, which is full of antioxidants, is one of my favourite Biologique Recherche products. Serum 3R provides the skin with what it needs to renew, regenerate and repair itself, and helps slow down and combat the signs of aging.

6. MoisturizeBiologique Recherché's Creme MSR-H

Biologique Recherche’s Creme MSR-H is incredibly nourishing and is my go-to cream for woman 40+. For soft, even and smooth fall skin, Creme aux Acides de Fruit is one of my favourite creams to use as a night treatment. This cream is loaded with powerful alpha hydroxy acids and cellular oligopeptides to remove dead cells at the surface, tighten pores and smooth fine lines while feeding your skin microbiome and boosting your barrier function.

7. SealSerum Fluid ViP O2

Seal in everything with a finishing serum. Biologique Recherché’s Serum Fluid ViP O2 is great for everyone. This serum will seal in all those nourishing skincare products while also giving you an instant glow. If you are going out and about, don’t forget to add your SPF.

8. Treat yourself to a facialfacial

I recommend booking our VIP 02 facial. It is the perfect combination of micro-exfoliation, oxygenation and bio-energy massages to leave you with healthy, revitalized and glowing skin.

Another popular facial this season is the peeling Aux Acides De Fruits. This is a beautiful chemical exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells and provide instant glow and a brighter complexion.