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How many products can be submitted?
Entrants may submit only one selected product per category. Entrants may, however, submit one selected product in all five categories or any number therein.

Can products manufactured outside of Canada be submitted?
For the inaugural Simply Beautiful Awards, only items that are manufactured in Canada will be considered.

How do I pay for our entry?
Entry fees are accepted via Visa, Mastercard or American Express below. Cash, cheque, PayPal and other methods of payment are not currently accepted.

Do I have to provide samples of products submitted for consideration?
Yes, five full-size, complimentary samples of each selected product must be supplied with each submission. Mailing instructions for these samples will be delivered in a separate email sent to entrants upon completion of the awards submission form.

Can I change my mind and get a refund after completing a submission?
Unfortunately, entry fees are non-refundable. Submissions can however be withdrawn by notifying judges at simplybeautiful@canadawide.com

What if a product does not fit into one of the product categories? Can it still be submitted?
For the inaugural Simply Beautiful Awards, only items that are clearly categorized at a retail level as among the five selected product categories will be considered.

If a selected product is best chilled, refrigerated or heated, can it still submitted for consideration?
Unfortunately, judges cannot guarantee product storage during transport and shipping. Therefore only items that can be stored on shelf without any further effort will be considered.

Can an entire collection, a special limited edition item or a product not commercially available in Canada be submitted for consideration?
Because we want to share the benefits of selected products with our readers, only single items will be considered. In addition, only products that are currently available to Canadian consumers either in store or online can be submitted.