Vancouver’s Okoko Launches Online with Indigo

The BIPOC-owned luxury and clean skin care company will launch online with Indigo this month

The BIPOC-owned luxury and clean skin care company will launch online with Indigo this month

Meticulously handcrafted in Vancouver, B.C., Okoko Cosmétiques provides a high-performing, organic skin care offering that ‘makes beautiful skin a reality’, with safe skin care products that deliver clinical-grade results with an at-home spa experience. Due to their science-backed formulas, the award-winning, BIPOC-owned and women-led Canadian company is gaining traction not only within the green and clean beauty world, but also in the eyes of those at retailing giant Indigo

Oyeta Kokoroko, the 31-year-old founder of Okoko says, “Indigo selected Okoko as we are a sustainable, Canadian and BIPOC-owned brand, which aligns strongly with Indigo’s ethos and support of local, eco-friendly businesses. Indigo commands a lot of trust as one of our largest national retailers. I am thrilled with this opportunity, as it gives Okoko a chance to expand our retail presence and partnerships. I grew up as a customer of Chapters and continue to purchase Indigo’s printed books, so to be a part of their growing self-care category is a huge win for my brand.”

Committed to transparent labelling and pure ingredients, an environmentally-conscious ethos sits at the core of Okoko’s full line. From sourcing ingredients to final production, the brand is dedicated to providing exceptional skin care with results that address dehydrated, dull, uneven and tired-looking skin.

With their full line of luxury, clean skin care launching online at Indigo in mid-March, this new and exciting venture comes at a very pivotal time for Okoko, which has just secured a retail contract with Goop, opened a flagship store in Vancouver, and has recently been featured in Forbes and The New York Times. And the fun doesn’t stop there! To show her gratitude for the support she has received over the last year, Oyeta recently launched a mentorship program with the mission to help other women-led, indie beauty brands launch, build and grow their businesses.