How to Get Fabulous Brows

Nira Arora picks her favourite eyebrow products, techniques and salons to help you achieve the most beautiful brows

Want beautiful brows? These products and local salons will whip your eyebrows into fabulous shape

We’ve all heard that your eyes are the window to your soul, but what about the window frames… as in your eyebrows? If you really want your eyes to pop, you need to pay special attention to your brows. Here are my favourite products and salons to help you create your best brows ever.


Bombay Brow Bar

Coming from Indian roots myself, I can attest that we take our brows very seriously. I personally am a huge fan of the threading hair-removal technique, but if you are looking for a wax or a thread, take the time to visit Bombay Brow Bar. Whether you choose to go back regularly or just need a visit here and there to give your brows a reset, Bombay can help you out. Their love of brows is evident and I love the ambiance of the salons: Indian flare mixed with a modern sophistication. Bombay sells their own brow kits and an amazing rose gel that helps soothe the skin after an eyebrow treatment.

Locations in Kitsilano, Yaletown, at the Shangri-La Hotel and Park Royal (coming this summer)

Credit: Marcelle

Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-Pro, $14.99

Simplicity at its best, the Marcelle Duo Eyebrow-Pro is one of my favourite go-to beauty products. It’s quick and easy and does the job right. It’s the best way to get perfectly groomed brows, even on the go. It’s just one simple stick – no brushes, no powders – perfect to keep in your car, your purse and your travel bag. One end is a long-wearing waterproof angled pencil to correct and fill and the other is a lightly tinted, natural-hold gel to groom brows into place. Voila – easy!

Available at London Drugs

Eyebrow Feathering

If you’re tired of filling in your eyebrows every day and looking for a more permanent solution, cosmetic tattooing may be the answer. Eyebrow feathering is a form of semi-permanent makeup that can last anywhere from six months to a year, depending on how well you take care of it. I was curious and tried it with Brianna Errelat from BE Studio. I found that feathering is very natural looking – it looks like angled hairstrokes that go with the flow of your natural hair growth pattern. Brianna make me feel comfortable throughout the whole experience, and answered all my questions before, during and after the treatment.

Chella Eyebrow Kit, $54

Everything you need in one convenient package, the Chella Eyebrow Kit contains a mechanical eyebrow colour pencil, a highlighter pencil, eyebrow-defining gel and a dual-size pencil sharpener. Especially handy when you’re travelling, just bust out this kit and you’re ready to go. The bonus? It comes with instructions to help you create whatever eyebrow shape you desire. From ashy blonde to ebony and every colour in between, there’s an option to match your brows.