Testing, 1-2-3: Beauty Through Balance natural body products

bcliving puts locally based eco-chic skincare line to the test.

Credit: Flickr / Satoru Kikuchi

Natural, sustainable body products bottle the power of indigenous Canadian ingredients for eco-chic beauty

Taking care to know what we put on our bodies is just as important as knowing what we put in our bodies. Vancouver-based Beauty Through Balance is a Canadian company that espouses sustainability in their mission to achieve beauty the natural way while supporting healthy living.

Beauty Through Balance skincare products

Where to buy:

Spa Utopia Pan Pacific

1001 – 999 Canada Place,


Flaming June Day Spa

1701 Grant St, Vancouver

The skincare line comprises an arsenal of spa-quality face and body products that use natural ingredients renowned for their curative properties. Pacific seaweed and glacial clay are just a couple of the local ingredients procured for their balancing and healing abilities.

When collecting ingredients for their products, Beauty Through Balance practices sustainable harvesting. They’re partnered with the Nature Conservancy of Canada as a part of their conservation stewardship and continual pursuit of eco-sustainability.

I tried out three products from the Beauty Through Balance Signature Series: I hydrated, I cleansed and I moisturized—here’s what I thought.


Hydra Skin Renewal Gel

Hydra Skin Renewal Gel For Face and Body
The product lowdown: A soothing gel treatment for all areas of the body, featuring vitamin C and grape seed extracts. If it’s distressed or dehydrated, the renewal gel can help calm the skin and is great for soothing after waxing.

The experience: Herbaceous scent undertones reminded me of being at the spa or getting my hair done at Aveda. The gel is lightweight, slightly sticky (makes for easy application) and feels smooth and refreshing when applied. I covered my face in a thin layer and left it for five minutes before rinsing.

It’s meant to be used as a mask, but it felt like I could rub it in and leave it on. Post-rinse, my skin felt noticeably smoother. This is the kind of product I would use a few times each week to give my skin a hydration boost.

My conclusion: A tall drink of water for dehydrated or sun-drenched summer skin. It’s a great alternative to using a serum under your moisturizer every day, but doesn’t pack enough punch to replace my dried-out-in-the-depths-of-winter skin routine.


Glacial Purifying Cleanser

Glacial Purifying Cleanser
The product lowdown: Sulfate-free, natural, gentle and deeply cleansing. With fresh Canadian glacial clay, seaweed and green tea, this cleanser has the power to remove impurities without drying out the skin. It’s suitable for both men and women, can be used from head to toe and for treating acne-prone skin.

The experience: I prefer a light, non-creamy facial cleanser, so this won me over right off the bat. Its scent is more decadent than most, and although the ingredients say seaweed and green tea, I could have sworn I could smell rosemary. It’s intoxicating without being overwhelming and did a thorough job of cleansing while remaining light and smooth.

It didn’t whip into a bubbly mess when I lathered it between my hands but rather frothed into a flat foam that was easy to manage and coated my skin evenly. Post-cleanse my skin felt smooth and squeaky clean, enough so that I skipped my usual toner. I really loved that it rinsed off all of my mascara so that I didn’t have to follow-up with a makeup remover.

My conclusion: An ultra lightweight cleanser that leaves skin soft and residue-free with a distinctly fresh, clean feeling. I’m making the switch.


Seaweed Body Butter

Seaweed Body Butter
The product lowdown: For use on body, hands and feet, this non-greasy formula nourishes, soothes and revitalizes skin. Fresh Pacific seaweed and green tea target dry skin, uneven texture, circulation issues, overall skin quality and aging.

The experience: After too many Body Shop moisturizers, I’ve been conditioned to expect body butter to be thick, stiff, heavy and greasy. This was quite the opposite; the consistency was like melted butter, the texture was silky and extremely lightweight, much like the first two products I tested.

The way the moisturizer dripped from my fingers made it slightly challenging to apply, but my skin soaked up the lotion quickly and it didn’t leave a greasy residue. It was perfect for my arms and legs and not too heavy for delicate areas like the neck and chest. I feel like the longer I use this product, the more hydrated my skin will become from the inside out.

My conclusion: A non-greasy, light-weight moisturizer that immediately treats dry skin. Excellent for year-round skin hydration.