Back-to-School Essentials for Fall 2020

This year, it's more important than ever to prepare kids well to head back to school

This year, it’s more important than ever to prepare kids well to head back to school

Whether studying via remote learning or in the classroom, it’s key for students to be organized with supplies so they can focus on getting their best education, and have a joyful experience despite things looking a little different this September. We’ve rounded up a few simple items that will make your family’s transition into September is a smooth and positive one.

Scroll through our list of back-to-school essentials available both online and in store…

1. Plantation Paper Notebook Set, Muji

Notebooks are always a must-have, and these ones by Muji are not only lightweight but extremely affordable. Plus, we love that the set of 5 has different colours on the side, so students can easily identify which subject each book is for. Limited to twelve pieces per order.
$2.99 US each; Available online

2. Dry Erase Board, Indigo

This dry erase board is a convenient, eco-friendly way to note down reminders for all things school related and beyond. Thanks to magnets on the back, you can pop it on the fridge so it is forever in sight!
$12; Available online

3. Lexington 3-Tier Rolling Cart, Michaels

Back to school means plenty of textbooks, paper, stationery and more. Keep things tidy in the house with this stylish cart that’s available in a variety of fun shades. We love that it can be moved around the house effortlessly, and it’s very easy to assemble. 
$48.99; Available online

4. All You Need Decorative Throw Pillow, Lindsay Stephenson

Brighten up at-home classrooms with this super cute pillow by Lindsay Stephenson. Not only will it add a fabulous pop of colour to the space, but your child will definitely stay comfortable while working. Move it over to the couch when the school day is done!
$20.97; Available online

5. Basic Tech Organizer Case, Staples

With online learning being a huge part of the curriculum this year, having tech accessories on hand is essential. We recommend this case by Staples that has lots of room for multiple cables, cords, power banks and more. It’s also durable, lightweight, and can easily fit into the backpack.
$14.99; Available online

6. 14” Laptop, Hewlett Packard

Having access to a computer this year is huge with distanced-learning taking the lead for lots of students. This high speed HP laptop, available at Best Buy, features a TrueVision HD camera for all those Zoom classes, lots of storage space, and can connect with a variety of devices, such as a wireless mouse headphones and external hard drives.
$369.99; Available online

7. Kids’ Backpack, Nike

A sturdy backpack is a definite must-have, and this sleek one by Nike is a winner. Featuring two zip compartments, it has lots of room to pack in all those essentials. Plus the padded shoulder straps can be adjusted to whatever fit feels best.
$42; Available online

8. The Resistance Mask, Search and Rescue Denim Co.

Face masks have become an essential accessory this year, and that holds true in and around school grounds as well. Local company Search and Rescue Denim Co.’s double-layered masks are available in various sizes (we love this bumblebee pattern for the kiddies), and they’re donating one to frontline and essential workers with every purchase.
$16; Available online

9. Hand Sanitizer Spray, Nezza Naturals

B.C.’s organic cosmetics brand Nezza Naturals makes hand sanitizer sprays that are gentle on skin, and tough on germs. Our top choice is this key lime and tea tree scent, with coconut oil and aloe. Pop the bottle into your child’s school bag so they can continue to keep hygiene as a top priority.
$9.95; Available online

10. Day Designer 12-Month Mini Planner, Anthropologie

Jotting down to-do lists will become a piece of cake with this daily agenda. It comes with two sticker sheets (which we adore), and lots of writing space for hourly schedules, goal setting and even annual overviews. Talk about striving for success!
$49.00; Available online

11. Durable View Binder, Avery

Avery’s durable view binder makes filing sheets a lot easier, and the protective cover will make sure papers won’t tear apart. Grab as many as you need for various subjects because these come at a fantastic price!
$8.99; Available online

12. LunchBlox Sandwich Kit, Rubbermaid

We can’t get enough of this super functional kit by Rubbermaid. It’s fabulous for preparing lunches. In this set, you’ll get containers for sandwiches and snacks, as well as a blue ice freezer pack to keep meals chilled. Best of all, every piece can stack together to save space.
$12.47 US; Available online

13. Zippered Lunch Tote, Fluf

This lunch tote by Fluf is made with 100 percent certified organic cotton, and is free of BPA, phthalates and lead. It’s also machine washable, and comes with a water-resistant lining so you can stress less about food spills. Available online in teal or hot pink.
Available online at and Simons

14. LED Clip Desk Lamp, NOMA

This popular clip desk lamp will be put to great use for when studying at home. It’s lightweight, and won’t heat up so your child can safely move it around as needed.
$39.99; Available online

15. Klipsk Bed Tray, Ikea

No desk space? No problem. This tray from Ikea will hold everything from books to tablets in place, and is also functional for non-work related things too, such as watching a movie or eating breakfast in bed. Yes, that goes for parents too…
$15.99; Available online

16. Eco-Friendly Ballpoint Pens, Ecopenclub

Incorporating environmentally-friendly supplies from a young age goes a long way. These handmade pens by the Ecopenclub are compostable, recyclable and contain non-toxic soy based ink that dries quickly. For every purchase, the company will plant a tree to help repair Australian bushfires in partnership with One Tree Planted. Pack of 20 per order.
$31.66; Available online

17. Padded Bomber Jacket, H&M

Don’t break the bank this year on back-to-school fashion. H&M’s fall collection has a variety of affordable styles to choose from such as this dark green khaki bomber. Also available in deep blue, this jacket has a detachable hood in comfy sweatshirt fabric, and will be perfect on top of layers for those chilly days.
$34.99; Available online

18. Highlighter Set, Brite-Spots

All that note-taking and reading throughout the school year makes highlighters a must-have on our list. This five-pack features an assortment of colours, and can be purchased via Dollarama online for a bulk order of 24 cases, or in store individually.
$30 for a case of 24 packages; Available online

19. 17oz Water Bottle, S’well

Staying hydrated plays a big role in how energized and focused your child will be. S’well bottles are made with great quality in mind, and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Our top pick is this bright red one, which is sure to remind students to keep sipping on H2O throughout the day.
$45; Available online

20. Silicone Pencil Case

Opting for a neon pencil case means your child will never let it out of sight. These silicone options come in fun colours, have just the right amount of space for writing supplies, and are extremely affordable. We really can’t complain!
$3.99; Available online

21. Étagère Charging Station Floor Lamp, Adesso

    This floor lamp is complete with three shelves for daily essentials, as well as a USB port and AC outlet to keep devices charged. We love its functional design, which is perfect for all kinds of living and work spaces.
    $79.99 ; Available online