How to Style Knitwear This Fall

Celebrity stylist Kim Appelt gives us the lowdown on trends to cozy up to this season and how best to dress for your body type

Celebrity stylist Kim Appelt gives us the lowdown on trends to cozy up to this season 

We sat down with Kim Appelt ahead of her H&M masterclass on knitwear to ask a few questions about styling knits and what sweater trends we can expect to see this season.

Learn more from Kim live and in person this coming Wednesday, October 17th at H&M in Pacific Centre, Vancouver. You need to be an H&M member to sign up for the class, so download the H&M app and sign up as a loyalty member to guarantee your spot. You won’t want to miss out!


BCL: What are some of the top knitwear trends for fall 2019?
KA: There are few stand-out styles I think we’ll see everywhere this season. One in particular I’ve taken note of is Fair Isle. Shown on the runways of Chanel and Celine, they are a huge trends for fall and winter 2019 and not just for the holidays.

Another trend I’m obsessing over is knit on knit. Something I personally love is layering different knit pieces, or wearing a matching skirt and knit top. It’s easy to do, so comfortable, and monochromatic is great for every body type.

I love the preppy look of argyle patterns. I’ve seen knitwear with this design in all shapes and colors this season. H&M has a whole collection based on argyle and I think it’s going to be a huge hit. 

BCL: What colours and shades can we expect to see?
KA: This fall is all about muted tones. I’m seeing a lot of neutrals in stores and animal print, of course, is huge right now. Leopard has being the frontrunner for a while, but zebra print is making its way to the top too and it’s a really cute look.

Pistachio is trending as a fall colour and we saw it on the runways earlier this yearit’s turning out to be a huge hit this season. I’m seeing a more muted down version of the green and also some pops of neon which add a nice flare.

BCL: What should we be looking for in a quality knit? What fabrics do you prefer
KA: Nothing is better than a fabulous cozy sweater. On the flip side, nothing is worse than a scratchy knit made from poor material. Firstly, the knit should be soft to your touch and not irritate your skin. Secondly, it really needs to fit properly. Even the softest sweater that is too tight, short in the sleeves or body, will make you feel awful. I love any sweaters made with natural materials like wool, cashmere, cotton or silk. That said, there are some amazing swearers I have found recently made with a blend of polyester, cotton and recycled yarns. Make sure to avoid sweaters that have three or more different fibers in them as they often pill. 

BCL: Can you give us one spoiler from your upcoming talk about how to style knits for your body type?
KA: Something to really think about when buying knitwear is your body type and shape. For example, if you are pear-shaped, you want to stay away from sweaters that hit at your widest part because this will make your hips look even bigger than they are. It’s more flattering to wear a sweater that is cut above your hip bones and has a little weight to it. This creates some volume at your torso and balances out your hips. I’ll be diving into more detail on how not to feel frumpy in knits at my H&M masterclass.

BCL: And maybe one more spoiler… what’s your ultimate layering hack for knits?
KA: Layering sweaters is not only the best way to stay warm, but it’s a great look that’ll keep you looking stylish even when that temperature drops below zero. This biggest hurdle however, is not looking like a marshmallow in the process. The key to that is knowing your body type and playing with different textures. One of my favorite looks when layering knitwear is a thin black turtleneck (a staple in any wardrobe) with a chunky v-neck graphic or animal-print sweater. Pair this with a midi silk skirt and booties or a pair of skinny jeans and you’re good to go!