Banana Republic Launches ‘Mad Men’ Collection August 11

The return of the show may be months away, but Banana Republic can help you with your 'Mad Men' look.

Credit: Banana Republic

‘Mad Men’ costume designer Janie Bryant collaborates with Banana Republic to recreate the show’s coveted 1960s chic


On August 11th, Banana Republic stores will start selling the Mad Men capsule collection, which was supposed to coincide with the hotly anticipated return of Mad Men to AMC. Unfortunately for devotees like me, a dispute between AMC and Matt Weiner, the series creator, has delayed Season 5 until early 2012.


Although Season 5 has been pushed back to next year, AMC and Banana Republic are counting on the fact that Mad Men mania is not played out.


The 65-piece capsule collaboration by Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant and Banana Republic creative director Simon Kneen is debuting regardless and the overwhelmingly eager response on Twitter indicates that the fervor for the show will continue for another four seasons yet.


(Image: Banana Republic)


Bryant and Kneen have been working on the Mad Men collection—which is for both men and women—for the last year. Bryant used many costumes from the show (vintage and new) as inspiration for the pieces. The look is 1960s posh urban and will likely boost the staid Banana Republic look and business, the same way designer collabs have helped H&M and Target.


I’ve been to more than my fair share of Mad Men costume parties since the show came out. Subsequently, I own enough 1960s vintage to fill a rack at Value Village. But I would never turn down the chance to try a 1960s Little Black Dress in more than one size. You know how vintage shopping works. There’s just one option.


(Image: Banana Republic)


So here’s to a vintage silhouette with modern availability starting August 11th. I’ll raise my highball to that.