Find Your Personal Style with Fall’s Fashion Trends  

Evolving your own personal style can be a lifelong process. This fall's trends make it easier  

Credit: Courtesy Pink Tartan

This fall fashion goes back to basics

You may be a hat gal or more of a dashing type, but your personal sense of style likely transends seasonal fashion trends. And that’s going to be helpful when it comes to selecting your wardrobe this fall

Personal style, while elusive, allows you to submit the plethora of clothing choices out there to your own personal sniff test.

Once you’ve learned how to define your personal style, it’s easy to decide whether that puce cashmere cowlneck is really you…even at 90% off. (As they say, it ain’t a bargain if you never wear it).

And finding your personal style will be even easier this fall, with fashion trends leaning toward streamlined minimalism and a return to basics.

Minimalist Fashion and Streamlined Style

A new minimalism is informing fashion, the predictable backlash against cheap’n’chic instant fashions from well-loved chains like Zara, H&M, and south of the border, Target.

This return to basics is actually a reversion to times past. Watch any old black-and-white movie where the characters open a closet door. There’ll be a few things hanging there, but unless the closet belongs to a princess of Park Avenue, nothing like the plethora in your average plebe’s place now.

Streamline Your Personal Style

Concepts like the 100-thing challenge task us to do more with fewer pieces, combining them in interesting ways.

At least one Vancouver designer has described the process of creating a personal two-word style statement guiding everything from clothing purchases to how you spend your time.
Myself, I’ve toyed with the notion of basing my wardrobe around two colours: the blue and white of my grandma’s everyday dishes, which always look chic.  Sadly, this resolution is scuppered every time the new season’s styles come out, with their great colours!

Sartorial Balance

With a firm sense of personal style, you’ll be better equipped to buy only what really works, and not be too swayed by fleeting styles and irrisistable sales. Plus, you’ll fit right in with this season’s minimalist leanings. Think of it as balance of a sartorial kind.

Fall Fashion Styles for You

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