Neck and Neck

Personal, but not too intimate and 'one-size-fits-all.'

Credit: Clinton Hussey

The scarf has loftier sartorial ambitions than would be implied by its (supposed) primary purpose of keeping a neck warm. The right scarf is a physical manifestation of fashion’s Holy Trinity of colour, pattern and texture, and adds a much-needed punch of personality to the otherwise bland overcoat or neutral trench. Personal but not too intimate, and one-size-fits-all, a scarf also makes for the perfect corporate gift (as long as you don’t ruin it with an embroidered company logo). – Steve Schelling

1. Wolford Iris Cape Cod cashmere. $390, Wolford,

2. Cashmere Burberry signature plaid. $295, Holt Renfrew,

3. Scarlet wool/acrylic Chloë Angus button wrap. $129. Chloë Angus,

4. Paul Smith violet wool. $100, Holt Renfrew,

5. Yellow bamboo cotton Chloë Angus jersey button wrap. $129. Chloë Angus,

6. The Roots Robson Stripe. $34, Roots,

7. Echo lime green skinny scarf. $65, Holt Renfrew,

8. Signature Hermès orange cashmere. $425, Hermès,

9. Cashmere Utrecht blue Burberry, perforated. $375, Holt Renfrew,

10. Cashmere Burberry blue and green tartan. $265, Holt Renfrew,

11. Paul Smith signature horizontal stripe. $150, Holt Renfrew,

12. Portolano Cashmere cranberry basket-weave. $225, Holt Renfrew,